Power Confirmation is a process that every user who wants a character has to go through. Administrator's in the Confirming and Locations Division will approve or deny the characters that you submit. If you follow the guide-lines below correctly, it will save a lot of trouble from the C.L.D. in confirming your character. To learn more on confirming character's, please see the Confirming Regulations.

Powers In UseEdit

Remember, that you can have the same powers as some other chars who already have the power, although remember that we can not all have a suit of armor, fire control, or things like that, or it'd get dull. Please see the powers policy for more information.


  • Answer all of the questions
  • Try and use complete sentances, although it is not essential
  • Please bold your answers
  • Remember that character's should not be exactly like an already existing vampire/student
  • Put your username at the top
  • No already esixting names in the TVD Universe



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